A safe hand wash

Place your Grit Guards into the bottom of both of the wash buckets. You want to fill one of our wash buckets with water to around the 2/3rds mark. This bucket will be used to rinse your wash pad (this helps tremendously with minimizing wash induced swirls and scratches). In the second bucket, put in 30ml of Nanolicious Wash or 50ml of Wax Wash then fill to 2/3rds of the bucket, using some pressure from the hose to get the desired sudsiness. In your third bucket, put 15ml or so of Nanolicous Wash, or 25ml of Wax Wash, and make up a nice sudsy mixture - this bucket will be used exclusively to clean your wheels.

Wash the car from top to bottom, rinsing your wash pad in the clean water after each section (one section could be a panel, or half a panel depending on how dirty the car is). Rinse the car off thoroughly.

Now use a gentle stream of water over the car from the hose, to help remove the larger water beads and droplets. Next, dry the car with The Big Green Sucker using Boss Gloss as a drying aid, starting with the glass and working top to bottom. (For some pro detailing drying hacks, see The Big Green Sucker article on our website).