Clay Towel decontamination

The next step that is essential to prepare your paint, is doing a Clay Bar or Clay Towel. These products will quickly remove bonded contaminants from the surface of your paint, and make it feel as smooth as glass.

Using the Clay Towel with Boss Gloss is an effective way of using the product, and if you're indoors, or the car you're working on is one that doesn't see water, then it's perfect.

We prefer to use the Clay Towel with the wash suds right after we've washed and rinsed the car. Washing the car first is critical, as it removes any of the heavier dirt and grime that could potentially scratch the paint should it get underneath the Clay Towel when you start using it. Add another capful of Nanolicious Wash to your left over washing water (only if it's still clean - if the water is dirty, empty the bucket and make a fresh solution with 2 capfuls of Nanolicious Wash in around 5L of water) The very first time you use the towel, it’s good to start on the windscreen to help “break in” the cloths' polymer coating. Work on small areas at a time, like 1/4 of a bonnet, or 1/2 the roof or boot. Get heaps of suds onto the car with a Shagtastic Wash Pad and dip it and the Clay Towel into the suds solution. Take the suds to the car and squeeze them all over the section you're about to clay, with the Shagtastic Wash Pad. You want to really make sure the surface area is wet with the lubricating suds. With your hand on the microfibre side of the towel, apply to the surface with little to no hand pressure. Use a smooth side to side motion, then change to an up and down movement. You will hear and feel resistance on dirtier areas, which will disappear once it’s clean and smooth. Be real sure you don’t use the towel outside the lubricated area, and don't use too much pressure! 

Little Tip: If the towel feels like it wants to grip onto the surface, have your thumb lift the towels corner as we show in the images here, and this will help the lubricant get under and glide that little bit better. 

Do you need to do this on a brand new car? The simple answer is: yes. Even new cars have contamination on them from sitting at dock yards, in car lots etc.

If you’re using the Boss Gloss, spray it onto the section of the car you will first be cleaning, then spray a few sprays straight into the Fine Clay Towel. Apply the Fine Clay Towel to the surface and rub the towel back and forth with very light pressure. If the paint is contaminated, you will actually feel and hear it working. Keep moving in a light motion until you no longer feel or hear the contamination on the car.

If the Boss Gloss begins to dry, you'll need to spray more on. Please note that our Fine Clay Towel is fairly sticky and cannot be used on a dry surface. If it's dry, you'll make a mess and potentially damage your paint, so always make sure there is ample lubrication on your paint.

When you've finished using the Fine Clay Towel, give it a good clean by spraying some Orange Agent into it, then work it around with your fingers and rinse it off with fresh water. Once the Clay Towel has been rinsed thoroughly, hang it up over a line (out of the sun) with the rubber compound side facing upwards, or gently fold it with the rubber compound side to the inside, then store it back in the container it came in.

We also have the traditional clay bars for you to use, though we prefer the speed and ease of use of the towels.