Paint cleaning, to prepare for wax

Now that the car is clean and dry, we can prepare the paint surface for the application of protection. We do this by using Paint Cleanse & Restore . Paint Cleanse & Restore will remove any leftover oils or dirt on the surface of the paint to ensure you get the very best adhesion for Lazy Wax and Fully Slick .

Place a dollop the size of a 50c piece of Paint Cleanse & Restore onto your  Circle Work (Blue Piping) pad, then lightly massage it into the surface of the pad with your fingers. In small circular motions, work the product into the paint going top to bottom, one panel at a time. No need to use much force as we’re just cleaning the paint, not polishing it! Once you can see a slight haze, buff the excess off using your Big Softie (Blue piping)s, folded into quarters and to the low pile side of the cloth. Then fold and turn to the plush side for a brilliant shine. Continue doing process one panel at a time, till the entire car is done.