What now? Regular maintenance

So you've completed all of the steps above - but now what? What do you do for regular maintenance and how do you look after your car on a week to week basis?

We recommend to wash your car weekly. Start with the Snow Job and then move onto the 3 bucket wash method with your favourite wash tool and wash soap (we love the Shagtastic Wash Pad and Nanolicous Wash), then dry with your favourite combination of either Boss Gloss on The Big Green Sucker, or with After Glow and the 2 Big Softie cloths. If you dry with the Boss Gloss method, it's always a good idea to go over the car after it's dry with either Fully Slick or After Glow (which can be used as a stand alone sealant using the same 2 cloth method as you use to dry the car). Re-wax the car every 2-3 months and keep layering the protection regularly.

You should use the Claying Rubber/Clay Bar and Paint Cleanse & Restore once or twice a year, or as needed depending on where your car is parked regularly.

Wheels, tyres and glass get done at every wash.