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Gareth Bostock  

Our bucket car cleaning kits have always been a popular way to kickstart your Bowden’s Own collection (and secure a ticket to our elusive detailing demo at our Warana facility). Our recent refresh of these car cleaning kits keeps them up to date with our latest and greatest from our Aussie premium car cleaning range, and also introduces a few new options for those with classic cars, or cars with a modern paint protection/ceramic coating system. Read more on these below:

Little Intro Kit

An all-time favourite and our most popular car cleaning kit. This selection gives a great little taster for what we are all about - very popular as a birthday or Christmas gift for that car frother in your life. This updated version comes with a Wet Dreams Mini Me and Big Softie cloth to apply it with, for a super simple way to add super hydrophobic protection to your paint. We’ve also included the new Inta-Mitt­ to use with the Naked Glass Mini Me for streak free glass cleaning every time.


Ceramic Coating Maintenance Kit

This car cleaning kit is aimed at those with modern paint protection systems, whether that’s a ceramic coating, a paint protection film, or even a super hydrophobic sealant like Bead Machine. Everything you need to maintain and protect this well-protected paint is contained within, including our full safe wash system with a Snow Blow Cannon and Snow Job for the prewash, 3 buckets (1 for wheels) with Great Barrier Thingys to further minimise the risk of scratching or swirling your paint. This is especially important for vehicles with a ceramic coating which can’t be easily corrected without removing the coating. We have also included our super hydrophobic sealants which can be applied over the top as an extra layer of sacrificial protection, which helps keep your investment in good condition for longer.

Classic Car Kit

For all the diehard classic fanatics out there, this car cleaning kit is for you. The founding reason for Bowden’s Own was our love of classic cars and the void of suitable products for them. This car cleaning kit is designed to come with everything you need to pamper that special car in your life, inside and out. This includes our safe wash system, including buckets and Great Barrier Thingys, Wax Wash for the anti-rust additives and shine enhancing Carnauba, all tied together with our new Beaut Beads paste wax, which offers that rich depth and gloss that only a natural wax can produce, while also offering super hydrophobic water behaviour and protection for the delicate paint.


Brand Spanking New Kit

The Brand Spanking New Kit contains all you need for when you first take delivery of the new member of your family. We know you want the very best car cleaning gear to protect and enhance your big investment, so we've made this car cleaning kit 100% with that in mind.

From a top quality and easy to use paint protection system (Paint Cleanse & Restore, Bead Machine), to the right car detailing gear to maintain it, including the right washes and wash tools, as well as our great wheel and tyre cleaners to keep your ride looking its best. We've also included the  car cleaning gear you need to clean and protect the dash, door trims, hard plastic and even the seats if they're covered with a vinyl or leather substitute material. If you have a leather, suede, micro-suede, Alcantara or fabric interior, you can easily add either a Leather Care or a Fabric Refresher pack to this car cleaning kit. Check out our in-depth instructional new car cleaning guide, with all the tips and tricks to keep your new 4 wheeled friend looking as good (if not better) than when it first arrived in your care.


Holy Humongous kit

For those who want absolutely everything, this is the car cleaning kit for you! Our biggest kit brimming with car cleaning goodness, you’ll be ready for just about any car detailing conundrum you may face with this kit by your side. This one comes with four buckets (Wash, Rinse, Wheels and Microfibre), multiple wash tools and washes, and just about every detailing spray we currently make, and it adds up to pretty damn good value too. 


If you have any questions, feel free to email info@bowdensown.com.au or FREECALL our office on 1800 351 308.

Happy Tub Time,
Gareth Bostock


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