Vinyl Care - our silicone free dash and interior trim protectant

5 September 2022  Brett Hobbs  

One of our biggest pet peeves is a greasy, shiny interior. A lot of products on the market are specifically designed to leave this finish, usually with a mixture of silicones and solvents that can be harmful with long term use and can leave a finish that’s slippery and attracts dust.

Vinyl Care is unique in that it contains no silicones or solvents, has good cleaning power, and leaves a nice, satin lustre - exactly how the car came from the factory, while also adding UV protection and rejuvenating older faded vinyls, plastics and rubbers.

Vinyl Care can be used to clean and protect a variety of interior surfaces like dashboards, door cards, and any other textured interior plastics. It’s ideal for modern or new vehicles to clean and protect, but it’s also great on older cars too, especially those classic vinyl seats.

When using Vinyl Care, you first need to identify the type of surface you are working with. For the dirtier interiors, or those with silicone dressings applied, you may need to pre clean with our stronger all purpose cleaner, Orange Agent, so that the Vinyl Care is going to bond properly.

Using Vinyl Care is extremely easy - working on cool to touch surfaces, spray Vinyl Care directly into a Square Bear applicator (to avoid any overspray clean-up) and gently apply over the section of interior you’re wanting to clean, making sure to spread the product evenly over the entire area. Don’t let it dry, fold one of our Plush Daddy cloths to the low pile side and gently buff away any residue and reveal the factory fresh finish that your car deserves.

Some more modern vehicles use soft touch materials which are very easy to scratch or mark. In these cases, flip your square bear over to the dry side for the final buff off, which eliminates pressure points from your fingers causing any potential marks. Glossy Black plastics are best cleaned with a fast evaporating cleaner like our Naked Glass.

Vinyl Care is proudly Australian made and designed specifically for our unique Aussie conditions. Our unique water based formula means it's safe, being non toxic and biodegradable, giving peace of mind to the user and occupants in the car. You can find Vinyl Care on the shelf in any of our participating retailers.


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Love your dash,

Brett Hobbs.

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