Flash Prep

During our extensive testing with Bead Machine, we found that the cleaner the surface is, the better it bonds. This meant we needed something that would remove all traces of oils, silicones and residue from the paint, to get the absolute best bond of the polymer to the paint. Paint Cleanse & Restore is a great way to deep clean the paint, and when used with our Carnauba Body Wax on top of it, works a treat.

Bead Machine is a new type of super hydrophobic water based polymer. It will work when used after Paint Cleanse & Restore, however we found that the longevity was affected. We were making Flash Prep to use with Mr Black, so we trialed it prior to applying Bead Machine, and our results were amazing - we got a better bond to the paint, resulting in better product performance and longevity.

Flash Prep is a really simple one to use - with 2 Big Softie cloths in hand folded in quarters to the low pile, spray Flash Prep directly onto the paint surface in small sections (1/4 of a bonnet) at a time. Wipe the product in with your lead cloth - up and down, side to side, so that the product has time to work into the paint properly and remove silicones, oils etc, then give it a final buff with your second cloth. It will flash off nicely right in front of your eyes, leaving a beautifully clean surface for Bead Machine to bond onto.