Future Maintenance

If you have used Beaut Beads on that special car that doesn't get driven very often, and spends most of its life undercover, you can expect it to last 6-8 months.

On a daily driven car that sees more of the elements, you can apply our synthetic super hydrophobic sealant Bead Machine, which shares a similar base polymer to allow Bead Machine to bond to the surface without the use of Flash Prep. In our testing, we have found this combination is very durable and usually lasts up to 6 months, the Bead Machine boosts the longevity of the Beaut Beads significantly. We never recommend applying the Bead Machine first, the solvents required to spread the wax will affect the Bead Machine layer making it a fruitless task.

In between applications, you can also use Happy Ending or Wet Dreams as quick maintenance top up products, for lower sections of doors where the protection might have taken a hit.

Have a look at our flow chart here which breaks down the order of use we recommend for these products.