Preparation is important

Paint preparation is critical with waxes and sealants, and Beaut Beads is no different in this respect. The better prepared and clean the paint is, the better your waxes and sealants will bond and work, and the longer they will last. Beaut Beads works well on all paint types, but will work best on new, good quality paint work, so preparing your paint with the correct products and processes will let Beaut Beads work at its very best to protect your paint for longer.

These steps below are not 100% necessary every time, but we found in our testing, that the better the paint is prepared, the better the wax will work and the longer it will last.

In this article we'll run through a full preparation process to best prepare your paint for Beaut Beads, how to use it, what to use to maintain it, how often to use it, plus many other questions.