Step 4 - Cleaning off other areas

Wipe Mr Black from accidentally applied areas, like adjoining panels, headlights or glass, with a clean and dry, low pile microfibre cloth (or the Dark Deeds cloth in our Black Box kit). You can use a spray of Flash Prep in it for a little bit more cleaning power if you wish. Wipe in one fluid motion, then fold it to a dry, clean side for a final wipe.

If marks are stubborn, or you don't notice them till much later, you can remove them with our Paint Cleanse & Restore.

We found in our testing that Mr Black will easily wipe off from most areas when freshly applied, which is why we don't make a big thing of masking off adjoining areas when using it. However, if your vehicle has single stage, unsealead paint, and you know you can be a bit messy, it can pay to mask that area off with a low adhesive painters tape before use. 

Note that any cloth you use with Mr Black will become permanently stained.