Wheels + Snow Job

The whole idea here is to be as efficient as possible with your water usage, so do the bulk of the cleaning with your bucket and brushes. If you want to use Wet Dreams now, you can, just keep in mind that it will use more water. If you want to apply a sealant to your wheels and not use Wet DreamsBead Machine would be perfect to use after washing and drying the whole car.

Quickly go around the car and spray Wheely Clean or Orange Agent in a sweeping motion onto the wheels, making sure to get into all the corners and crevices of the wheels. Immediately after spraying the last wheel, apply the Snow Job snow foam.

With your cannon mixture made up, it's important to work quickly here so that we are as efficient as we can be, to use as little water as possible.

This is the fastest and most efficient way for using the least amount of water possible when performing a Snow JobTo use the least amount of water, follow our process below:

  • Start at the back of the car (being the dirtiest part of the car), at the bottom, then work your way to the top.
  • Move onto the lower section of the side of the car, moving up and doing the roof last.
  • Now do the front bar, moving up and onto the bonnet and windscreen.
  • Switching now to the other side of the car, again do the lower part of the doors first, before moving up towards the roof last.
  • This whole process should be a very quick one, so move quickly and be efficient with your movement.

For a detailed run through on this process, see the video below (note in this video we are using water from a rain tank, which is allowed during water restrictions):



With the Snow Job now over the whole car, quickly give your wheels a scrub with your Little Chubby brush using the Wheels bucket if you need, then pressure wash the whole car down, starting at the roof and working your way down, remembering to work efficiently.