Adding protection

Dry Spell will leave an amazingly slick and shiny finish, but it's a good idea to add some protection to the paint every couple months or so. Topping up the protection on your paint regularly will help Dry Spell work better by making it easier for the solution to encapsulate and lift dirt from the surface - the more protected your paint is, the easier it is to clean!

Lazy Wax, Carnauba Body Wax and Fully Slick are all suitable to use to protect the paint after using Dry Spell. Our super hydrophobic products Bead Machine and Beaut Beads will offer the best protection for your vehicle. Keep in mind that if you're going to use Beaut Beads or Bead Machine for protection, that you should still use Flash Prep prior to either of those, for the best possible bond of the product to the paint.

Using any of our super hydrophobic protection products will also help Dry Spell work its absolute best the next time you come to wash your car.

For a more detailed guide on these, see our articles below:

Beaut Beads & Bead Machine: