Treating plastics/vinyl and leather

Now with all the surfaces deep cleaned, they will be left with a rather stark finish from the Orange Agent. It’s vitally important to replenish these surfaces with some hydration and protect them from UV and the elements once again.

For all the plastic and vinyl surfaces, spray a few sprays of Vinyl Care into a Square Bear applicator and gently apply to the surface in an overlapping motion. While the product is still wet, wipe off the excess with a clean and dry Plush Daddy cloth, to ensure a nice, even finish. Important here to not oversaturate any surfaces, and never spray straight onto surfaces - always into the applicator first.

Use this same method for leather seats with the Leather Love. Because the Orange Agent has already done the deep clean for us, we want to now hydrate and condition the leather. Spray a few sprays of Leather Love into a Square Bear applicator (you can use the same applicator that you used for the Vinyl Care, just rinse it out thoroughly in fresh water, then wring it out), massage it into sections of the leather at a time, then wipe off any excess while it’s still wet with a clean and dry Plush Daddy cloth. Continue this method until all the leather is done. Very important here also, do not over saturate any surfaces, especially if your leather has perforations. Always spray into your applicator or brush first, then agitate on the surface.

Once the Leather Love is completed, it’s time to protect our leather. We do this with Leather Guard using the same method as the Leather Love. Again, rinse out the Square Bear applicator from the Leather Love in fresh water, and wring it out until it’s dry if you don’t have another fresh Square Bear to use. Spray the Leather Guard into the Square Bear and apply it to the seat in overlapping motions. Wipe any excess off while it’s still wet with a clean and dry Plush Daddy cloth.