Cleaning up

For an easy clean up afterwards, we have made the new Tru Blu formula of Metal Polish so it washes off with just water. Yes that's right, just water. Feel free to use a gentle soap as well if you really want. This is something you will appreciate if you have used other polishes that seem to have the black residue stay in your hands for days after using them.

If you've got Shiny Stuff on your hands, a gentle soap will be enough to remove it.



The Dirty Deeds microfibre cloths will need to be pre soaked in a bucket with warm water and 50mLs of our Microfibre Wash. Give them some agitation and then rinse in fresh water before machine washing them. Make sure to wash them separately from everything else as the black residue from the polishing will leach into the other cloths they are washed with!