After long, in depth talks with our chemists, we had them create Vinyl Revival as the ideal product to use on any vinyl or plastic surfaces around the car. With the wonders of modern chemistry we were able to make it with the following great qualities:  

  • Great UV protection. In fact, it's the strongest we could find to combat the harsh sun we get in many parts of Australia. These UV rays create photo-denegration which is one of the biggest reasons vinyl roofs have failed so often over time. Extended exposure to these rays breaks down the polymers that bind vinyl (or any plastic) together, which most people visually notice as it slowly lightens to a grey or yellow over time.
  • pH balanced and contains no harsh chemicals that could potentially affect more delicate surfaces and stitching with prolonged usage.
  • Strong rejuvenation qualities, so it visually restores the vinyl to look like new. Thus en-richening the physical appearance of the vinyl.
  • Weather proof, to stop the natural elements degrading the vinyl. Also to stop it washing off after rain, or after the first time you wash it.
  • Breathes. This is important so heat can escape from the vinyl, rather than build up. Which is seen mostly with oil based products or silicones.
  • No solvents in the formula, as they are lethal to vinyl surfaces, making them brittle and creating the majority of cracking and fissures with repeated use over time. It also needs to have no silicone in the formula - why is that you ask? Read on below...