How long does a cloth last, how many times can they be washed?

How long a cloth will keep working usually depends on a three factors;

  • How frequently they are used,
  • How well they are cared for. 
  • The types of products they're used with. 

On average a microfibre cloth should last most people at least a year or two. Understand that no towels are good forever, they will wear out eventually like anything that sees frequent use. We personally find that our cloths and applicator pads will last a pretty long time, with some of our cloths having been washed well over 200 times and still going strong! 

If you experience diminished performance after some time, it might very well be time to retire that cloth or towel and replace it with a new one. Your vehicle is a large investment and having good towels by comparison are a relatively small price in making sure it keeps looking nice.

One thing we have seen over the years is the better care for your microfibre cloths towels, the better they'll do at caring for your much loved vehicles.