Car Interiors

Being a pH neutral cleaner, Orange Agent is perfect to use on car interiors, from plastics, to vinyl, to leather, to remove all sorts of marks, including cheap silicone products. Using this technique is especially good for removing sunscreen marks from your interior, including leather seats. Use Orange Agent on a Square Bear applicator pad and gentle wipe over the dirty surfaces (if the stains are really bad, you can use a soft bristled brush like our Plush Brush). While the product is still wet, wipe off excess residue with a Dirty Deeds or Plush Daddy cloth – don’t let the product dry on the surface, as the dirt you’ve just lifted off will dry back onto the surface. Once the surface has been cleaned with Orange Agent, it’s imperative that you then protect the surface – Vinyl Care for all the vinyl and plastic surfaces and Leather Love / Leather Guard for any leather surfaces.