Wheels, Tyres & White Wall Cleaning

You can use Orange Agent on all types of wheels as an alternative to Wheely Clean. The powerful cleaning agents in Orange Agent will loosen heavier grime and allow the wheels to be cleaned easily and efficiently. Simply spray the Orange Agent liberally over the wheel surface, allow it to dwell for 30 seconds to a minute (DON'T LET IT DRY!), then pressure wash off, or rinse off thoroughly with your hose. For a deeper clean, use our designated wheel brushes that can be found in the "Detailing Tools" section of the website, under "Products". 

For the tyres, spray Orange Agent liberally onto the rubber surface, then agitate with a stiff bristled brush like our Little Chubby brush. While the solution is still wet (dont allow it to dry), pressure wash off, or rinse off thoroughly with your hose. This is especially good for removing any cheap, silicone based tyre dressing that might have been applied to your tyres (usually a freebee from when you get your car serviced) and it’s been flinging down the side of your car!

White wall tyres - We use Orange Agent to clean our original factory white walls when they begin yellowing or have a build up of brown grime. After cleaning like we mention above, spray the product directly to a folded low pile Dirty Deeds cloth and wipe back and forth over a small section of the white wall with a medium amount of pressure, then turn to a clean side of the cloth and wipe off. Continue doing this till the entire white wall is clean. Please note this is only for original white walls where the white section is a part of the tyre, not for after market painted on white or red walls. 

For added protection after these steps, apply Wet Dreams to the wheels and apply Tyre Sheen to the tyres. Our All Sorts applicator is a great tool for applying Tyre Sheen as it allows the product to be worked into the rubber, getting into the tyre lettering and any other undulations with ease.