What are sealants, coatings and waxes?

A lot of names are thrown around when it comes to this process which we call paint protection. Being in the industry, I try to define each for what they are. This is not as easy as you may think, due to the marketing men stepping in when the chemists step out. So the lines between these types of product are sometimes well and truly blurred.

A sealant, is a substitute to a wax, relying mostly on synthetic ingredients to create a protective barrier. We find they don't quite have the deep, natural look that a quality carnauba wax can offer, but they can offer longer durability. This is why we developed our Fully Slick protective detailing spray, and Bead Machine super hydrophobic paint sealant. Fully Slick and Bead Machine contain several synthetic polymer compounds that bond with the paint surface to create a powerful shield of protection against everyday road dirt and grime. They also create some of the best bead porn you've ever seen. It took us months of testing many different formulations before we were happy with the final iteration of each product.

A coating, such as those used by many "paint protection" companies, that use nanotechnology based SiO2 and TiO2 based ceramic, glass, titanium etc coatings. They are quite expensive and require a many step surface preparation process that can really damage your paint if you happen to stuff it up (never use them on original single stage or enamel paints). They should only be applied by experienced and accredited professionals. Now we do see some very cool points with many of them (like the water beading and longevity), but we are still yet to see one that will offer enthusiasts a 100% effective protection system against ALL the environmental elements.

Now add in that there are currently huge on-going debates about the safety of human health with nanotechnology. We have been looking deeply at the development of this for over 8 years now and even our research chemists still cannot tell us what these ingredients could do to us in the years to come. So we are happy just sitting on the fence, waiting for there to be a research paper that can tell us they are 100% safe. So in a practical sense, there are more cost effective and safer options (like we are about to show you) that any car enthusiast can easily do by themselves.

Waxes are a cost effective, sacrificial, oil based protective barrier for the surface of your car. This protective barrier contains a degree of naturally sourced wax, usually of the carnauba type. Carnauba wax is the most naturally hard wax. It comes in flakes from a palm, Copernicia Prunifera, that's native to northeastern Brazil (yes it's a Brazilian wax) and it's the main reason why these waxes give paints such a beautiful, warm glow. We are big fans of waxing with this type of product! Before we were blending our own, we were using different high end European and USA made waxes (that make out they are European), but the bills we received for them were horrendous and not worth it, especially since we worked out how to make our own. So our wax is aimed at matching the top European brands with its hand made quality, while still being affordable and accessible for all passionate car enthusiasts. This is where our Carnauba Body Wax and Lazy Wax come into play. Developed from the start with the consumer in mind - both products are super easy to use, give a phenomenal glow and finish, and are safe for continued and repeated use.