Key points

Three Way was created after 6 months of intensive lab testing and real world trial and error to work amazingly at its job, as well as be practical to use here in SE Qld, so it has some really different attributes which we’ll run through right here:  

• Powerful and super-fast reacting formula effectively dissolves iron contaminants safely from your paint

• Created to be super lubricating for use with our clay bars, claying rubber pads and towels.

• pH neutral formula uses unique paint safe cleaners to help remove old waxes and sealants.

• Thick liquid for slower drying and effective dwell time on your side panels.

• Unlike wheel cleaners, it does not worry if Three Way dries while using it, as it can simply be washed off, even days later. 

• Hydrophilic formula spreads better over paint surfaces, to better aid iron removal, and you use less product.

• Safe on modern clear coat paint, polycarbonate headlights, exterior plastic trims, chrome, glass and rubber. It’s not compatible for porous single stage paints or rattle can spray jobs. 

 It doesn’t smell of death, or burn a hole through your nose. It has a different, and some say slightly better smell than our current Wheely Clean. Note that we actually made a formula that got rid of this smell totally, but the product would take 4 times as long to react with the iron as well as being only a quarter as effective. It would have been cheaper, as we reduce the expensive active ingredeints in it, but having something that works bloody awesome has always been far more important to us than the smell.

• Comes in a big 750ml bottle that can do even the biggest and most contaminated of cars in one application. 

• Leaves a great, clean surface, ready for easier paint cleansing, waxing & sealing.

 All developed and made in Australia by our passionate team of detailers & chemists.