Other useful information

Three Way is pH neutral and is safe to use on ceramic coatings. It uses specialised degreasers to remove waxes and sealants safely, without harming ceramic coatings.

  • Three Way is safe for matte paint. Many new cars these days have matte paint finishes, so we wanted to make sure we could use it on those finishes too.
  • 100% safe for use on clear coat paint, glass, rubber trims, exterior plastics, headlights, chrome and alloy.
  • Three Way and the Claying Rubber are fine to use on PPF (Paint Protection Film). Plenty of lubrication is required and zero pressure.
  • Great for use on small rust spot deposits on your paint.
  • We don't recommend to use Three Way on a fully wrapped car. Vinyl stripes over a car is fine.
  • If you don't want to remove waxes and sealants from your paint, we recommend to use the Claying Rubber with Boss Gloss as the lubricant.
  • It's not reccomended to use for the removal of tree sap or tar.
  • Not suitable for single stage paints or rattle can paint jobs.


Common questions:

  • Can I spray Three Way on my car then Snow Job over the top of it? You can, but you will be diluting the product and it won't be as effective as using the Claying Rubber method.
  • Can I use Three Way in my Snow Blow Cannon to spray straight onto the car? Spraying it through the cannon mixes the product with water, which will dilute it far too much and make Three Way ineffective. We don't recommend this.
  • How often should I use it? We recommend to use Three Way 1-2 times per yer, depending on where your car is kept during the day and night. It's best used together with the Claying Rubber, followed by the Paint Cleanse & Restore, then our wax and sealant products a couple times per year, to keep your ride in the best condition possible. If you work in the city and your car is parked on the street, you may want to use Three Way more often, as your vehicle will pick up more iron particles from the brakes of cars in the busier city.
  • Will Three Way remove all of my sealants? Three Way has paint safe cleaners built into its formula to help remove waxes and other sealants from your paint when used with the Claying Rubber. However, if you are using the Spray On method and not the Claying Rubber method, it will remove waxes, but won't affect quality sealants.
  • Why does my Claying Rubber feel tacky after use? Don't freak, it's supposed to be tacky. It makes the rubber work better at grabbing onto bonded contamination from the surface. The Claying Rubber when new has a light powder dusted onto its surface so it doesn't stick to the product packaging, once this washes off it will feel more tacky and also works better.
  • Is Three Way safe for ceramic coatings? Yes. Three Way is safe to use on professionally applied ceramic coatings.