What is it?

Three Way is an all Australian developed and made spray on iron removal product, that is safe to use on modern clear coat paint, headlights, exterior trim, chrome, glass and rubber. It offers intensive removal of embedded ferrous iron particles. Not just that though, it's been designed to be super lubricating so it can be used as a clay lube with our Claying Rubber. It's a uniquely pH neutral formula, utilising paint safe cleaners to help with the removal of old waxes and sealants, providing a thorough and total decontamination process. The thicker viscosity of the liquid allows for a slower drying time and longer dwell time on the side panels of your vehicle. Also helping with this is the fact that it's hydrophilic, meaning it spreads better across the panels, which in turn uses less product. This will leave an amazingly clean surface that will be ready for our Paint Cleanse & Restore, followed by our paint sealing products.