#3 Ta Ta Tar

If you have let it go a little bit longer than a few days and the above process didn't work, our next level of cleaning is to use the Ta Ta Tar spray. This high end cleaner will quickly work at breaking down the residue and making it easy to remove. Wash or use the Clean Detail as above, park the car in the sun to warm up the panels, then put it back in the shade and while the paint is still warm, spray the Ta Ta Tar on the areas affected, leaving it sit for around a minute. Wipe off in a gentle circular motion with our folded Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth, then wash it down clean with the hose. Once done, inspect the car to make sure you've got it all off. 

If there are still a few stubborn areas, or a heavy resin like deposit, spray the Ta Ta Tar directly onto the area and slowly massage it with the tip of your finger on the marks, this can slowly break down the harder deposits over the next couple of minutes. In our experience, this should remove nearly all but the hardest residue. If it doesn't, we have our final solution for the most dramatically covered and neglected cars out there.