Longer Lasting

Depending on how contaminated the surface is, a traditional clay bar will yield 3-10 uses, and the Clay Towel will provide between 30 to 50 uses, making it far more cost effective over the long run.

One of the best features of the Clay Towel is that if you drop it on the ground, you don’t toss it out like you would with a clay bar. Simply rinse it off with your car wash or our Orange Agent all purpose cleaner, and it's ready for action once again. These towels use a new, light coloured polymer, so it’s easy to find and remove any damaging particles in them, as you can see in the image here. Over time the Clay Towels compound will slowly get dirtier and fill up, and that's when you will notice its effectiveness decline and you will need to change it. You will also notice small cracks begin to appear in the rubber surface after a few uses, especially if you get it near any hard edges or sharper parts of the car. These cracks are superficial only and won't affect the way the towel will work.