Interior glass and stereo screens

For all your internal glass, including the inside of the front windscreen, use Naked Glass on a Big Softie cloth. Same procedure as for the exterior glass; 2 sprays of Naked Glass onto a folded Big Softie cloth to its low pile side, then gently wipe the glass until it's clean. Once clean, flip the Big Softie cloth to its plush pile side, and buff off any remaining residue for a lovely, streak free finish.

You can also use this same combination and technique for stereo screens, instrument binnacles and any interior chrome or plastic chrome. Simply spray 1-2 sprays of Naked Glass into a folded, clean Big Softie cloth and gently wipe the surface of the screen or binnacle. Ensure the cloth is 100% clean and dry to avoid scratching the plastics on these screens. Naked Glass is 100% safe for these surfaces, but you don't want any errant dirt in the cloth doing any damage!