Our 3 levels of fabric stain removal

We have three different ways we like to use Fabra Cadabra depending on the type and intensity of cleaning required.

1. Quick wipe overs: for fabric trim that's not too badly soiled or deeply stained. Our Square Bear applicator pad and separate Plush Daddy interior cloth is perfect for the job.  

2. Fresh stain removal and spot cleaning; using the same microfibre products as above with a slight change up of the technique.

3. Older/hard to remove stains; Also for deeper cleaning where we use Fabra Cadabra in conjunction with the Orange Agent all purpose cleaner in an extractor vaccum machine.  

It's best to do any of these 3 techniques in the shade, preferably in the garage, in a reasonably well ventilated area to allow for good drying once you're done. Also, always give the area you're about to clean a good vacuum so you're not pushing anything lying on the surface back into the interior fabric whilst trying to clean it. In the first two methods, NEVER spray the Fabra Cadabra direct onto the surface you're trying to clean, follow one of the steps below for what best suits your circumstance.