Vinyl Trim Hoodliners

Sitting inside the car, spray the Fabra Cadabra into the Square Bear till it's reasonably damp, which should be about 5 to 6 sprays. Gently wipe the hoodliner with the pad in a circular motion. Take note to see if the pad is excessively dirty. If you find it is dirty, wash it out with water and wring it damp/dry, or change to another pad. Do this, as you could just be continually spreading the dirt and other gunk you have cleaned off, further over and into the material. Then before it can dry, (about 1 minute depending on the weather conditions), wipe it down with a clean and dry interior buffing cloth. In most of our 4 seater cars, I like to break the area above me into quadrants, working on a section at a time and then moving to the next seat to clean the areas above them. 

This method should be enough to clean most daily drivers, however if you still have dirt, it might mean you need to give it another pass, until the dirt and grime is gone.

Also be sure to clean the sun-visors, door pillars and other plastic parts around the roof area exactly the same way as above. To get a nice, darker look on any sun affected plastics, and some UV protection to your sun-visors, finish them off by using our Vinyl Care on it.