Step 3

Simple removal

Now for an important part, remove the product before it can dry! Especially important if the surface of your applicator has been showing a bit of dirt in it. The Vinyl Care liquid suspends dirt and grime that has been cleaned and lifted off from the surface, so if you let it dry it will bond back onto it. Simply remove it by buffing it away with the non-plush side of our Plush Daddy interior cloth. If the area is really dirty, we find it's best to use our Dirty Deeds cloths, folded into quarters and turned to a fresh/clean side after each use, so you don't rub the dirt and grime back into the surface you're trying to clean. 

Doing it this way will also allow for a more even finish on textured plastics, which are becoming more frequent on dashes of modern cars.  

You will be amazed how well it cleans; at one of the car club demonstrations, I had an old 1950's Humpy Holden that still had its original and very un-kept interior (read; filthy!). With a few passes, the old embedded dirt and gunk came off the seats and trims to reveal the lovely light and now clean coloured trim, much to the delight of the owner and his fellow club members.