Machine washable

Once you’re finished, be sure to machine wash the Twisted Pro Sucker or The Big Green Sucker using our Microfibre Wash and then tumble dry them on the cool to warm setting so it comes back nice and fluffy. If you don't have a dryer, hang the cloths up inside on a drying rack to dry. Once completely dry, use a hair dryer on the cloth and slowly run your hands through the fibres. You should do this so the plush material doesn't become matted down flat, as it won't work as well next time around. Then, store it in a sealed storage container, with your other microfibre, all ready for its next use. If you do not do this each time, the Boss Gloss can slowly make the towel more hydrophobic and repel water, something you don't want. This is why we don't ever recommend using these towels with the more protective and hydrophobic After Glow or Fully Slick as the drying aid. So, wash the cloth out after each use so it will keep on sucking for many years to come. 

Also, be sure you never wash the towel with anything else other than other high quality microfibre cloths and give the machine and dryer a quick wipe inside so there is no lint before you wash, as it will pick up any other fibres in the washing process. 

We highly recommend washing any twisted loop towels separately from other microfibre, as this material can be a major lint magnet!

Towel maintenance key points:

  • Wash all your drying towels after every use, to help maintain the towels absorption.
  • Warm water wash (between 40-60 degrees celcius) with our Microfibre Wash by hand or in a machine.
  • Avoid washing detergents with added fabric softeners, bleach or fragrances.
  • The twist pile loop microfibre is shy and likes to be washed by itself. It can get lint from other cloths that it's being washed with, so only wash it with other twist pile loop cloths.
  • DO NOT wash with any fabric softeners, or bleach - it will kill these towels!
  • Tumble dry on a cool to medium heat setting to keep them feeling new and fluffy. Or, hang them inside to drip dry after use, in a well ventilated, dust free area.
  • Store in a dry, dust free environment; a plastic storage box with a lid is perfect.

For a more detailed explanation of this process, please see our dedicated caring for microfibre guide below: