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Drying towels are an important step that is often overlooked, but leaving water to dry directly onto paintwork is a surefire way to cause water spot etching from the minerals left behind as the water evaporates. These spots can be difficult to remove, often requiring a full paint correction by a professional detailer, or in some cases a new paint job!

For many years, we've been fanatical about safely washing and drying our cars, as we found most scratches and swirls in car paint are caused by these steps. With years of development invested, we have found this combination of drying towels to suit every person, and 2 or 4 wheeled friend out there.

All of our drying towels are super absorbent, high quality 70/30 polyamide blend microfibre, with recessed stitching and microsuede edges so they won't ever cause damage to your paint! 

Twisted Pro Sucker

The Twisted Pro Sucker is one of the first twist loop pile microfibre towels we have developed. Many years went into perfecting this material to meet our extremely high standards. It uses a premium quality, dual sided, super thick 1600 GSM twist pile loop microfibre with amazing absorbency, at a larger 70cm x 50cm size to suit larger modern vehicles and hold an extreme amount of water.

The new twist pile loop is super effective at sucking water off of your car, which speeds up the entire drying process and minimises the chance of water spots forming on your paint, making it ideal for hotter climates or larger cars.

Unique to this size of cloth is the single piece construction - no stich line down the middle of the cloth (common in lower quality cloths in this space), which can cause scratches when drying. We have also incorporated safe micro soft suede edges and recessed stitching around the edge of the cloth so they will never contact the paint.

The cloth is a vibrant blue colour to allow easy identifying of any dirt you may have picked up, allowing you to flip to a clean side and prevent any potential scratching. It's extremely tough, and can be machine washed separately with our Microfibre Wash after each use without losing any sucking power. 

Twisted Little Suckers

Using a single sided version of the same super absorbent twist pile loop microfibre found in the Twisted Pro Sucker, the Twisted Little Suckers are perfect for car and bike enthusiasts who still want the ultimate drying experience. Perfect for all the fiddly areas around your car or bike, these will complete your drying system.

We've made them 800GSM and in 2 distinct colours; dark grey for dirtier areas like wheels and engine bays, then the bright dayglow orange colour for more delicate door jamb areas, bikes and everything else! Created in a convenient 30cm x 40cm size, they effortlessly reach intricate areas where larger towels can fall short.These will help to prevent swirls and scratches caused by using poor quality drying towels. They use super soft suede edges with recessed stitching that won't scratch even the most delicate paint.

We find these perfect for drying excess water when using a small held held blower after you've finished drying the main part of the car.

Big Green Sucker

The Big Green Sucker is a super plush and absorbent 1200 GSM towel with flagged tip microfibre for a more delicate drying experience. This high quality, soft material ensures a far better drying experience than any waffle weave drying towel or traditional chamois could hope to give. It's well sized at 70cm x 40cm, making it big enough to dry a normal sized car without being too difficult to handle.

The extra "give" in this plush material means you won't be pushing that dirt and grime back into the paint, thus eliminating swirl marks or scratches from ever occurring, making it perfect for the more sensitive or delicate paintwork of older or unrestored classics. The Big Green Sucker also features microsuede edges and recessed stitching, further ensuring it will never scratch or mark your delicate paint or brightwork.

The bright green colour is to help you to see any dirt or grime you may pick up in the towel, so you can flip it to a clean side and not wipe it back into the paint, again minimising the chance of further swirls and fine micro scratches occurring.

How to use our microfibre drying towels

It's important to read our instructions on the packaging. So, before the first use, give your towel a machine wash with our Microfibre Wash and then run it through the tumble dryer to remove any errant dirt or lint, and to remove any skin oils from being handled in stores.

First off, sheet the water from the wet car before applying the towel. Simply take the sprayer nozzle off your hose end and with the water on a medium pressure, hold it on an angle close to the surface, so it allows a gentle stream to run over the paint, effectively flooding the panels and sheeting the water from it. This cuts your drying time down dramatically as much less water is left behind on the paint. Having a good layer of protection on the car (like our Bead Machine or Beaut Beads) will amplify this effect, making it extremely quick and easy.

When just used by itself, all of our microfibre drying towels are pretty damn good for drying your vehicle. But you can make it even better with our Boss Gloss used as a drying aid. This great technique is used by many professional detailers to make drying your vehicle easier than ever before. By using the Boss Gloss's hygroscopic (it absorbs water) nature, helping attract and absorb the water into the fibres of the towels, drying time is cut down dramatically as well as adding very important lubrication for further minimising errant dirt and grime ever scratching your paint. Boss Gloss also makes any trailing water evaporate better to stop those annoying little water droplets leaving marks in the paint. Also with this technique, you'll get a lovely shine to your paint as well.

The technique for using it is easy; drape The Big Green Sucker or Twisted Pro Sucker over your arm with the bulk of the towel hanging down. Holding the Boss Gloss at least 30cm to 40cm from the towel, mist 4-6 sprays of Boss Gloss straight into the towel. Flip the towel over and spray another 4-6 sprays on the other side. Then, grab each end of the towel and starting from the roof, slowly glide it across the wet surface, drying the water as you go. On the lower panels, fold the towel in half, so it can't drop down and touch the ground. 

These towels can do bigger cars and vans, even multiple vehicles, one after the other without being wrung out. We have found that if you wring the towel out mid way through drying that it's not going to work as well after, as all the material becomes completely drenched and cannot hold anymore water in its fibres. If you find you're doing multiple cars, it can pay to have a couple of these great towels handy.

If you begin to see any lint from the cloth, this is likely caused by contamination on the paint or glass. Give the car a good clay with our Fine Clay Bar or Claying Rubber. Another reason is lubrication, so make sure the cloth has Boss Gloss sprayed into it so that it's always well lubricated.

Convertible Soft Tops

Soft tops require a different approach that both of our microfibre drying towels are just awesome for. Don't ever rub your chosen towel across the convertible roof, as the materials will fight each other. Instead, simply open it up and lie it down on the surface and gently pat the towels surface to "blot" all the water into the towel. Lift it up and turn to the other side of the towel for the next section, and continue this pat and turn method around the roof until all the water is mopped up into it. 

Machine washable

Once you’re finished, be sure to machine wash the Twisted Pro Sucker or The Big Green Sucker using our Microfibre Wash and then tumble dry them on the cool to warm setting so it comes back nice and fluffy. If you don't have a dryer, hang the cloths up inside on a drying rack to dry. Once completely dry, use a hair dryer on the cloth and slowly run your hands through the fibres. You should do this so the plush material doesn't become matted down flat, as it won't work as well next time around. Then, store it in a sealed storage container, with your other microfibre, all ready for its next use. If you do not do this each time, the Boss Gloss can slowly make the towel more hydrophobic and repel water, something you don't want. This is why we don't ever recommend using these towels with the more protective and hydrophobic After Glow or Fully Slick as the drying aid. So, wash the cloth out after each use so it will keep on sucking for many years to come. 

Also, be sure you never wash the towel with anything else other than other high quality microfibre cloths and give the machine and dryer a quick wipe inside so there is no lint before you wash, as it will pick up any other fibres in the washing process. 

We highly recommend washing any twisted loop towels separately from other microfibre, as this material can be a major lint magnet!

Towel maintenance key points:

  • Wash all your drying towels after every use, to help maintain the towels absorption.
  • Warm water wash (between 40-60 degrees celcius) with our Microfibre Wash by hand or in a machine.
  • Avoid washing detergents with added fabric softeners, bleach or fragrances.
  • The twist pile loop microfibre is shy and likes to be washed by itself. It can get lint from other cloths that it's being washed with, so only wash it with other twist pile loop cloths.
  • DO NOT wash with any fabric softeners, or bleach - it will kill these towels!
  • Tumble dry on a cool to medium heat setting to keep them feeling new and fluffy. Or, hang them inside to drip dry after use, in a well ventilated, dust free area.
  • Store in a dry, dust free environment; a plastic storage box with a lid is perfect.

For a more detailed explanation of this process, please see our dedicated caring for microfibre guide below:


Any Questions?

Should you have any questions about anything mentioned in this article, or have questions about other products and processes, feel free to get in touch on 1800 351 308, or shoot us an email to info@bowdensown.com.au.

Brett Hobbs.

New Twisted Pro Sucker Twisted Pro Sucker

Twisted Pro Sucker

Made from a new super absorbent, twist loop microfibre - for the fastest drying experience.


New Twisted Little Suckers Twisted Little Suckers

Twisted Little Suckers

Perfect for fiddly sucking jobs.


Boss Gloss Boss Gloss

Boss Gloss

Our fastest, easy to use detailing spray for a show car shine.


The Big Green Sucker The Big Green Sucker

The Big Green Sucker

The most effective luxurious plush drying towel you will ever use.