Twisted Pro Sucker

This new twist loop drying towel sucks so much!

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Faster and easier drying your thing? This amazingly absorbent drying towel is for you.


A new high-quality, twist pile loop microfibre that's mega absorbent, to suck the water off your vehicle super fast - in fact it's the fastest drying towel we have have ever used! Our fanatical team of car lovers, enthusiasts and detailers all adore it, and if you're a fan of faster and easier drying, we know you'll love it too.

  • Sucks water off fast and easy, drying your vehicle quicker than anything we've used before.
  • Uses a premium quality, super thick 1600 GSM twist pile weave microfibre with amazing absorbency.
  • Soft and long twist pile loop material helps prevent errant dirt from ever scratching your paint.
  • Safe micro soft suede edges won't inflict scratches and swirls on delicate surfaces.
  • A manageable 70cm x 50cm size that's dual sided to hold a huge amount of water.
  • Made with a 70/ 30 blend of polyester and polyamide blend to be ideal for delicate finishes and great absorption. 
  • Ideal if you ever wash in the sun, the speed you can dry to minimises the chance of getting any water spots. 
  • Bright blue colour, to quickly identify dirt and flip to a clean side before it can scratch.
  • Also perfect to use for a final dry after using our rinseless wash; Dry Spell.
  • Machine washable and durable, so it can keep on sucking for many years to come.
  • Use with our Boss Gloss spray as a drying aid, for an all round beautiful drying experience and shine. 


Microfibre drying towels - safe and effective drying
Microfibre drying towels - safe and effective drying
The new Twisted Pro Sucker - A fast drying towel that really sucks!
The new Twisted Pro Sucker - A fast drying towel that really sucks!

Twisted Pro Sucker

By: on 1 December 2023
I recently popped into Bowdens Head Office to have my Snow Cannon looked at! (Brilliant Service, thank you!). As I was waiting I had a look around the store, I saw the Twisted Pro Sucker, seating there. Well after reading the package I had to have one. I was told it ‘sucked’! I went home and washed my Toyota Prado and my wife’s Mazda CX5 and then my son’s car. The Twisted Pro Sucker dried all three cars!!! It was awesome!! Thanks Bowdens Own for another great product. It truely does ‘suck’

Twisted Pro Sucker

By: on 30 November 2023
The boys talked up the Twisted Pro Sucker to be an absolute success. The day they were released I purchased one. Having a Ford Ranger with cab, it has a large area to dry, and OMFG, this absolute weapon of a product did the whole car with ease. Great size and great feel made the job so much easier.. great work crew


By: on 30 November 2023
Great product ! Did my whole car with one towel, would definitely recommend

The Perfect Size

By: on 30 November 2023
Picked up one of the twisted pro suckers recently to go with my new car, and safe to say I want to add more to my collection! I love my Bowdens products, and this new towel really sits in my collection nicely. The increased surface area really makes a difference when drying my 4WD, and you can pretty much get away with drying two cars with one towel thanks to the new design. Would suggest purchasing to anyone!

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