Paint preparation - Clay Bar

If your paint ever feels slightly rough and not perfectly smooth, it could most likely do with a clay. For this job, you preferably want the car inside, out of sunlight and in an area that's reasonably dust free - in a garage would be perfect. You could have used our Claying Rubber no problems at the end of the wash stages, as it likes to be used with any of our car washes at a double solution. However, for the Sandman we're going to use the Fine Clay Bar with the Boss Gloss as we find it better to use indoors in a garage situation and it's an enjoyable way to start the process with such a nice car.

First thing to do is remove the Fine Clay Bar from its packaging and knead it into a nice, flat piece. Spray a generous amount of Boss Gloss onto a section of the car (a section for us here is 1/4 of the bonnet, so break the bonnet up into 4 parts and do one part at a time). Then also spray a couple sprays of Boss Gloss directly into the Fine Clay Bar to ensure there will be no dry spots when you put the clay onto the paint.

Applying little to no pressure (let the clay do the work), gently work the clay back and forth, then up and down over the lubricated area. You should be able to feel and hear the clay working if there's contamination on the paint, and as you glide over it, it will start to become smoother. After doing a small section, knead the clay so that the side you were just using doesn't touch the paint again, then use some more Boss Gloss for lubrication and continue. Periodically wipe the Boss Gloss up after doing a section, with a clean and dry Big Softie cloth.

Continue around the entire car using this method, wiping the Boss Gloss off as you go. Take your time and be patient and methodical. See the link below for a fully detailed article on how to use our Fine Clay Bar: