The hand wash

After snow foaming, check to see if you need to move onto a 2 bucket hand wash. At the lower sills of the front or rear wheel, run your finger along the paint - if there's dirt there, then it's time to give it a hand wash.

Get your Wash and Rinse buckets ready and 3/4 fill them with clean water. Add 50ml, or 1 capful of Wax Wash to your Wash bucket, then once again, froth it up with the pressure washer to get a small head of suds, and enjoy the banana milkshake smell.

We recommend Wax Wash for older vehicles because it has the best anti rust additives of all our washes. This makes it the most suitable for older metal to help prevent rusting from water sitting in areas you can't see. Wax Wash also contains ingredients that are good for exterior plastics and rubbers.

Grab your choice of washing implement (we're using the Shagtastic Wash Pad here, and the Shagamittastic Wash Mitt for the lower sections of doors and the front grille area), dunk it into the Rinse bucket and squeeze it out to ensure there's no dirt or grime in it, then go into your Wash bucket and gently squeeze it to load it up with wash suds.

Starting at the top of the car, wash in straight lines, flipping the wash tool as needed, going back to the Rinse bucket after each small section to rinse any dirt from the wash tool, then go back into your clean Wash water and do the next section until the whole car is done. Do the lower sections of the doors last, and any other sections that are quite dirty.

If you want to clean in and around badges, emblems etc, do so now after the car has been washed. Using a Foursome brush, dip it into some of the wash suds (use some Orange Agent if you wish, or if you require stronger cleaning), and gently work the area you wish to clean with the brush, then rinse the area thoroughly to remove all of the product and wash suds.

If you're washing in the sun, we'd recommend to wash small sections of the car at a time (1 door, for example), then rinse that panel off before moving onto the next panel, so that the Wax Wash doesn't dry on the paint. Once you've washed the whole car, take the end off the hose, or use a small attachment like we have here to flood the water off the panels, making it easier and quicker to dry the car.

Once you're done, empty the buckets and give them a good rinse out. You don't want to be storing any wash water for use later!

To see a detailed explanation on this safe wash method, see our guide here: