Adding Protection

Now that the van is clean, it's time to add some protection which will help protect the paint from UV, and also help it resist dirt and make it easier to clean next time around. The quickest and easiest method is our super hydrophobic finishing foam, Happy Ending. It's used through our Snow Blow Cannon in a similar way to Snow Job, but when rinsed off it leaves super shiny and slick finish, that also repels water and helps prevent dirt from sticking.


It's best used in the shade on cool panels, for a caravan you may need to break each side of the van into two sections to prevent the product from drying.

Mix 900mL of water with 100mL of Happy Ending in your Happy Ending Cannon Bottle, and attach to your Snow Blow Cannon.  Starting from the back, evenly apply a thin layer of Happy Ending over your chosen section, using a wide fan setting on the cannon.
IMMEDIATELY switch to your pressure washer lance and thoroughly rinse off the entire section starting from the top and working your way down. Continue around the van until it's complete, working in smaller sections.

You may need to apply two coats of Happy Ending to really see the super hydrophobic water behaviour, thanks to the larger particle size of modern gel coat.

On the slight chance that you get any streaking or uneven patchiness when using Happy Ending, simply wipe over the marks with the Big Green Sucker or Big Softie cloth using a bit of extra pressure on the towel to remove these "high spots". If the marks are left to dry, don't freak out as the Paint Cleanse and Restore can remove them easily.

See our full Happy Ending guide here, it's important to follow all the directions with this one.

You could also use one of our other synthetic sealants like Bead Machine or Fully Slick after drying the van if that is your preference, but due to the larger surface area we much prefer using Happy Ending as it significantly cuts down the amount of time you have to spend.

Thoroughly rinse the van down with the open end of the hose, to flood the panels which will now be very hydrophobic leaving very little water behind, which means less drying time for you!