Wheels and undercarriage

We like to start with the wheels as you don't have to worry about water drying anywhere else on the van. You may need a different combination of brushes depending on what type of wheels you have on the van. We have used a Little Chubby for the wheels here as the 5cm deep synthetic feathered bristles are very effective at removing dirt without inflicting scratches on the wheels.

The Big Boy Brett brush is handy for any of the more intricate areas - it comes as part of our Foursome brush set which all have soft boars hair bristles for their longevity and gentle cleaning ability.

The Big Black One comes into its own with its solid 20 inch handle able to reach just about anywhere dirt might be dwelling, using the same synthetic bristles of the Little Chubby.

We are using Orange Agent for cleaning as there is very little brake dust on these wheels - it's fantastic for the general grime that you'd gather on an extended off-road trip.

Get your Wheels bucket and add approximately 8-10L of water. If you want, you can also add a Great Barrier Thingy to your Wheels bucket for that extra element of protection, particularly if you have delicate finish wheels. Add a capful of your favourite Bowden's Own car wash, and get the Orange Agent and brushes ready.

First, wet the tyre, then spray Orange Agent directly onto the wheel and tyre, then give them a scrub with the chosen combination of brushes. We like to start with the Little Chubby brush. When you're finished, pressure wash or rinse it off thoroughly. Repeat this process if necessary.

You can also use The Frother with Orange Agent, poured straight into the canister to the 1L mark.

Follow this same process for under the undercarriage - spray Orange Agent up under there to help break down the dirt and assist with cleaning. If you think it needs it, use either the Big Black One or Little Chubby brushes, and give it all a good scrub. Once done, rinse thoroughly and repeat the process if needed.

After this is done, apply Wet Dreams to the wheels to add some protection, helping them resist dirt and making them easier to clean next time around. Simply spray evenly onto a wet wheel in a sweeping motion, then immediately rinse off to reveal the super hydrophobic water behaviour.