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Deep Cleaning with Orange Agent

Orange Agent can be used in a variety of ways for deeper cleaning around your vehicles interior or exterior. 

To use, spray some Orange Agent all purpose cleaner into a brush (like a Nuts & Guts brush from our Foursome brush set, which is sold seperately), or a cloth like our Dirty Deeds cloth and agitate all over the area you want to clean. Then, rinse the area down with the hose, or gently wipe the areas with a damp Dirty Deeds cloth, making sure the Orange Agent never dries, especially on rubber hoses - where the technique is to spray on, quickly agitiate and then rinse off right after, one hose at a time. 

Once all done, get a small air blower and use it with a few dry microfibre cloths (again we use the Dirty Deeds cloths) to wipe down and remove the water, especially if it's sitting in engine crevices like around the manifold.

Orange Agent can also be used on your interior for deeper cleaning dirtier leather and vinyl. Spray a few sprays into your Square Bear applicator, and gently wipe back and forth over the section you are cleaning. Grab a folded Plush Daddy cloth and wipe off immediately, do not let it dry. Follow up with either Vinyl Care or Leather Love/Leather Guard to add some protection, as Orange Agent will leave a stark finish.

Our full Orange Agent usage guide can be found here:

Interior Detailing with Far Cough

Our Far Cough antibacterial spray is ideal to use on all interior and exterior surfaces for the home or car as it will inhibit further bacteria growth on any hard, non-porous surfaces.

Grab the Far Cough and spray a few sprays into a clean and dry Dirty Deeds cloth, then wipe over all of the surfaces in your car you want to protect. No need to over saturate, just a nice, even coat. Allow this to sit on the surfaces for 10 minutes while it works away, then come back and wipe over all of the surfaces once more with the damp cloth, then finish up with a final wipe with a clean and dry Dirty Deeds cloth.

Cleaning up stank with Pong-Go

To get the best from our odour eliminator Pong-Go, you will need to thoroughly clean the offending area first. Start by removing any larger objects like dropped pies, damp clothes etc, and then give the area a thorough vacuum. Then, follow up with Fabra Cadabra to deep clean the surface and remove as much of the smell as you can.
Follow up afterwards with Pong-Go, lightly misting over the affected area, being sure not to over saturate the material. Then close all the windows and doors and allow it to dry for 20-30 minutes. Re apply Pong-Go if the odour persists.

Finishing strong with Hand Relief

Once you've finished detailing your pride and joy, chances are your hands will be quite dirty. Wet your hands under a tap, apply a good dollop of Hand Relief and rub them together, while singing the following:
Do you come from the land down under?
Where women glow and men plunder?
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover.

Whistle the final tune, then rinse off well with fresh water.