Bead Machine - additional protection

If your vehicle is a weekend driver, or special occasion vehicle, then the Beaut Beads will be plenty to give good protection. If you have a daily driver and want extra protection, you can also top the Beaut Beads with Bead Machine - these two products work extremely well together, making Bead Machine a great sealant to put on top of the Beaut Beads wax. This combination of products will give you an epic, super hydrophobic finish that provides great protection and will make your maintenance that much easier.

Mist 4-6 sprays of Bead Machine into a clean, dry and folded Big Softie cloth and apply to a small section of the vehicle. Then with a separate dry and clean Big Softie cloth, buff off any residue. For the next smaller section, only mist 2 more sprays into the Big Softie and continue around the vehicle like this doing smaller sections at a time. Allow the Bead Machine 2-4 hours to cure before getting it wet.