Other information

How often should I apply Beaut Beads? - This will depend on many different factors like paint quality, how the vehicle is stored and parked during the day etc. For a daily driven car, we recommend you apply Beaut Beads once every 6 months, Bead Machine once every 4 months and top with Wet Dreams as needed (once every couple months), for that lovely, smooth finish. For a weekend or special occasion vehicle, Beaut Beads can be applied annually and topped with Bead Machine every 6 months.

Will Beaut Beads come in a bigger jar? - Yes. We were set back due to making our own jars right here in Australia and having to wait for the specific plastic we needed. We're hoping to start production in early 2021.

Can I wash the applicators out? - Yes. You can massage the wax out of the applicator with a small amount of Microfibre Wash and some warm water. Put it up on a shelf somewhere to dry until you want to use it again.