Washing without a hose - rinseless washing

Perfect for those classics that you don't like to get wet for fear of rust forming in places you can't see, or you just prefer to not wash it, our solution for rinseless washing is here; Dry Spell. Rinseless washing is ideal in many different circumstances, like for apartment dwellers who don’t have access to a hose or wash bay, people in water restricted areas, classic car owners, or simply for a mid-week, or pre car show maintenance clean to quickly bring back the shine to your garaged friend. We find it takes us a quarter of the time with this system over traditional washing with a hose. 

Begin by adding 8 litres of water into a 15 litre bucket, or the top of the Bowden’s Own logo on our buckets. Pour in 40mL of Dry Spell, quickly agitate, then drown 6-8 Plushcious cloths in the solution. The number of cloths you’ll need is dictated by the size of what you’re cleaning. For the pre-spray bottle or our Frother pump sprayer, mix up a stronger solution with good quality water at a ratio of 40 to one.

Pre spray the panels one at a time and allow the Dry Spell pre mix to penetrate for 2 minutes. Grab a cloth from the dry spell bucket, wring it out till it's damp, and fold it into quarters. Clean the sprayed section by dragging the cloth in one direction, rolling up the front edge of the cloth as you go. Flip or fold the cloth to a clean side for the next area. Use a new cloth after using all 8 sides, and store the used cloth in a separate bucket.

Dry the cleaned panel immediately using either The Big Green Sucker with Boss Gloss or our personal favourite; After Glow, for a perfect, anti-static finish. Both products add to the slick and shiny finish created by Dry Spell.

For even more info on Dry Spell, including what it is, and how to use it, see our detailed guide here: