What the hell can be used then?

Well, after long and drawn out discussions with our chemists, we began looking into another avenue of care. We worked out that two different products were needed, one for cleaning/ maintaining and another to offer protection from wear and tear. It took two years to perfect them, with numerous tests and reformulations, where we almost sent those poor chemists into a brain induced meltdown! But they finally created our two modern water based formulations, that work on the important principle that water molecules are smaller than the ones used in the polyurethane top coats, so they can permeate through in vapour form, deep into the leather hide. Something that is essential to restore the suppleness and maintain leathers natural flexibility. And being water based also allows the leather surface to breathe, alleviating all the drying properties oils and other sealing products can create.

Our two product system, Leather Love and Leather Guard are world class formulations that addressed the problem we faced with leather care products that are not suitable for automotive leather. We are confident enough in the way they work to put our family name on them both, all made in Australia, for our climate and conditions, making them very unique and special.