We have 2 primary ways of drying; Boss Gloss with The Big Green Sucker and the perfectionist way of drying with After Glow.


The Big Green Sucker + Boss Gloss:

Get The Big Green Sucker and drape it over your arm with the bulk of the towel hanging down. Spray 4-6 sprays of Boss Gloss straight into the towel. Flip the towel over and spray another 4-6 sprays on the other side. Now dry the vehicle like you normally would, starting with the glass, then working top to bottom.

If you've got a larger truck, you'll notice when the towel starts to get full of water, as it will feel heavy and start to smear the water. It’s just telling you that it's time to wring it out. Don’t worry though, as you can wring it out multiple times without affecting its ability to dry your vehicles' paint. The Big Green Sucker can even do multiple vehicles, one after the other. If you do wring the towel out after it’s become drenched, spray a few more sprays of Boss Gloss onto each side of the towel as previously mentioned and continue drying.


After Glow:

The way you use this one is to get two of our Big Softie cloths. Using clean, fresh water, completely drench one cloth, then wring it out till it's just damp. Fold the damp cloth into quarters, to the low pile side, then spray 3-4 sprays of After Glow into the cloth. Work on one panel at a time, work in side to side motions; up and down/side to side. Leave the product to flash off for around 1 minute, then buff off any remaining residue with your second Big Softie cloth, again folded into quarters to the low pile side. Continue this technique for the entire vehicle.

After Glow is great to finish with if you're after something to put on your 4WD that won't attract as much dust. After Glow's formula is anti static, so it will help lessen the amount of dust on the surface - great if you're doing some off roading!