Gear you'll need

Looking after your 4x4 with Bowden's Own products couldn't be easier. From pre-washing with our Snow Job or Mega Snow Job foams, all the way through to protecting your 4x4, to make it easier to wash in the future, give it a great shine and get that nice slick feeling on your paint.


  • 3 Buckets - Wash, Rinse, Wheels + Great Barrier Thingy x 2.
  • The Flat Head, Little Chubby, Nuts and Guts and the Big Black One brushes.
  • Orange Agent / Wheely Clean.
  • Wet Dreams.
  • Snow Job / Mega Snow Job + Snow Blow Cannon.
  • Auto Body Gel, Nanolicious Wash or Wax Wash.
  • The Wash Pillow, Shagtastic Wash Pad or Shagamittastic Wash Mitt.
  • Flash Prep + Bead Machine.
  • Happy Ending + Happy Ending Cannon Bottle.
  • Big Green Sucker + Boss Gloss.
  • Tyre Sheen + All Sorts applicator.
  • Naked Glass + Inta-Mitt.
  • Big Softie cloths.
  • Dirty Deeds cloths.
  • Microfibre Wash.