The snow foam pre wash

If your 4x4 is super dirty, like it's just come back from a mud park, or has heavy red dirt, or has been up the beach, then you will need to rinse it down first with a pressure washer as mentioned earlier. This is going to be the best way to remove that really bad muck, grime or salt, before you move into the pre wash with the Snow Job or Mega Snow Job snow foams. The Snow Job is pH neutral (pH 7.0) and totally safe for every day use, whereas the Mega Snow Job is a stronger cleaning formula, that's bumped slightly akaline (a pH of 9.0) to aid deeper and more effective cleaning. It's still safe to use regularly, but it can affect carnauba waxes and it will begin to affect weaker sealants over time too, so keep this in mind! Both of them are exceptional at emulsifying and removing salt, getting into all the nooks and crannies throughout the vehicle. The Mega Snow Job in particular has great built in anti-rust attributes as well, so well worth using after a beach weekend. 

If you've got caked on mud or dirt on the paint, particularly the lower sections of the doors, you need to keep in mind that this dirt could be in the very acidic or alkaline ranges of pH depending on where you live. This means that the dirt caked on there will dramatically effect any waxes, sealants or coatings you have previously used. It could mean that you have to top up the protection on your 4x4 more often in these areas.

Once that initial pressure wash down is done (if it was needed), it's time to snow foam. If your 4x4 is a bit more dirty than usual, use the Mega Snow Job, otherwise, use the Snow Job for this initial pre wash. Be sure to follow the instructions for each product on the back of their respective bottles.

Keep in mind that this is only a pre wash, and you will still need to move onto your normal 2/3 bucket wash after completing this step.