The pre clean

If your 4WD is super dirty, like it's just come back from a mud park, or has heavy red dirt, then you will need to rinse it down first with a pressure washer. This is going to be the best way to remove that really bad muck, before you move into the pre wash with the Snow Job snow foam. We are currently working on a stronger snow foam that is specfically for really dirty 4WDs, but for now, our Snow Job is a great pre wash that can be used over and over without any detriment to waxes and sealants on your 4WD. Some stronger cleaners can affect the protective abilities of waxes and sealants, and can really diminish them, so be careful there!

If you've got caked on mud or dirt on the paint, particularly the lower sections of the doors, you need to keep in mind that this dirt could be in the very acidic or alkaline ranges of pH depending on where you live. This means that the dirt caked on there will dramatically affect any waxes or sealants you have previously used. It could mean that you have to top up the protection on your 4WD more often in these areas.

Once that initial pressure wash down is done (if it was needed), it's time to snow foam. If the 4WD is a bit more dirty than usual, you can add 100ml of Orange Agent into the Snow Blow Cannon along with 100ml of Snow Job, and 800ml of water. This will make a stronger snow foam solution that we refer to as a "strip snow". If you don't need to do this, just mix your Snow Job up at the normal 9:1 ratio, and begin foaming. Leave the Snow Job to dwell for a few minutes, but don't allow it to dry.

Keep in mind that this is only a pre wash, and you will still need to move onto your normal 2/3 bucket wash after completing this step.