For in the sheds

If you’re like us and have vehicles that get dust on them, but don’t really need a full wash, or can’t be washed for whatever reason, then you’ll love Boss Gloss. It’s our fastest and easiest to use detailing spray and gives a slick, smooth finish, and great show-car shine to your vehicle in no time at all, with minimal effort.

This is why we love to use it in our shed on the animals in there before car shows or Detailing Demo Days, to safely remove dust and dirt from our cars. We use Boss Gloss instead of Fully Slick or any of the other detailing sprays because it’s the easiest to use out of the lot, and is the most lubricating, to help reduce the chance of micro-scratching or marking the paint.

We use it the same way as we mention above at car shows, with lots of Drop Bear cloths being used to detail each car.