Boost the shine and protection

We have three super hydrophobic products that are amazing for coatings - Bead Machine sealant, Happy Ending finishing foam and Wet Dreams spray. You use these products after washing, to boost the coatings protection, slickness and shine. All coatings will take a bit of a hit in their performance over time due to the environmental conditions they deal with in Australia. The protection these products create actually mimics a ceramic coating, replenishing the hydrophobic nature to older coatings as well as keeping newer ones working at their highest possible level. Putting these sacrificial protectants on top of the coating every couple of months is one of the most beneficial things to keep your coating working its best over the long term.

Which one is best for me? 

Choosing which one you need is pretty easy. If you like to apply something to the car after it's been washed and dried, then Bead Machine is for you.

If you use a pressure washer when detailing your car, then Happy Ending is what you need as it's applied with the Snow Blow Cannon, before being pressure washed off. If you don't use a pressure washer, then the Wet Dreams spray on and hose off system is the one for you. Read more in depth about these products by clicking the links below.

These can all be used in conjunction with each other, or you can just use the one that suits you best, or that you prefer using.


Using Bead Machine - 


Using Happy Ending -


Using Wet Dreams -