Pre wash - Snow Job snow foam

After the wheels are done, start your washing with a good Snow Job. The Snow Job formula contains specialist ingredients we added to work with ceramic coating systems and can even help rejuvenate them over time. The Snow Job pre-wash will help prevent swirls and micro scratches appearing in your coating, as it breaks down heavier grit and grime that might be present on your car and help remove as much as possible before your 2 or 3 bucket hand wash. 

Having a well maintained coated car can sometimes allow for a single step wash system, as dirt and grime find it so much harder to stick to a coated surface. Always test after removing the snow by wiping a finger on the dirtier lower, rear section of the car, to make sure it is totally clean. If it is, you can go straight into drying it. If it's not 100% clean, play it safe and continue to the hand wash. 

See our full article on using the Snow Job pre-wash snow foam with our Snow Blow Cannon below: