Have a look around many modern cars and you’ll notice a chrome finish used around their grills and other areas. This is a plastic that's chromed, for the appearance and feel of real chrome, but is a cheaper, more lightweight and durable option for most manufacturers over traditional metal chromed parts. These types of plastic chromed parts are applied via a vacuum-metalised process, giving them a thin and somewhat more delicate, less durable metal look finish than the electrolytic chrome process used on metals. For this reason they will usually have a light protective clear coat applied to them after the plating.

We have a special combination of non aggressive products to clean and help restore them safely. You don’t want to be using any type of polish, or even a clay bar, as the abrasives in them can scratch or micro-marr the soft finish and they will be virtually impossible to remove. Likewise, don’t use any harsh or aggressive liquids on them as you can also etch or damage their surface. 

This following cleaning method is for OEM plastic chrome that’s not peeling off, has cracks, or any excessive wear/or rub through marks on it.