The first step is always to inspect the bike.

  • What type of bike is it?
  • What materials are used on the bike?
  • Are there any unpainted plastics?
  • Are there matte surfaces?
  • Is there an exposed air filter?
  • Do other components need to be covered prior to starting detailing?

All of these questions and more, need to be asked before you start the job. Give the bike a good look over and get familiar with the different parts of it - each bike is different, so get to know yours well.

This particular bike we're doing here is a 2017 Harley Davidson. It has an exposed air filter. It has no unpainted plastics and a couple of matte surfaces. It does have a vinyl seat, which we will cover later in this article. This bike also has a lot of chrome that has pitted and has formed rust spots over time. We will address this later in the article also.