For really badly ingrained marks, it's advised to try our Magic Rub Bar. Just so you're all aware, it's a melamine sponge and amazing at getting rid of scuff or other hard to remove marks from around your car. It works a treat on plastics, so use it on your vinyl roof, sun-visors, side trim panels. The sponge is absorbent, so either dab in water for minor marks, or Fabra Cadabra for more intensive ones. We cut it down to a size that suits the job we are doing, then gently rub the areas clean, in a side to side motion. This foam bar has a cool design that uses intricate "micro-scrubbers", that really allows for some epic cleaning power. Just don't be overly aggressive with it! If you are, it can wear away softer top layers of some surfaces, so wipe off and inspect the surface area you're cleaning often, just to be sure it's not having any adverse affects. If used in a softly-softly approach, you can find it's quite effective and has no issues. It also works a treat removing scuff marks from leather, plastic and inner door paint, especially if you have light coloured interior. Find the Magic Rub Bar on our website by clicking here.

Marks on these textured sun-visors were from mould happily growing in the hoodlining holes gap.

With a bit of work using the Fabra Cadabra and the Magic Rub Bar, it's all clean again.  



If the hoodlining is textured, with small indentations moulded in it, you may find that the cloth or bar cannot get them. For this, you can use a soft bristled toothbrush to spot clean the marks with the Fabra Cadabra. Again, use a gentle, circular motion. Some marks, especially those that have been on the car for a long period may be quite difficult to entirely remove, so remember it's ALWAYS best to clean any marks off as soon as they happen.