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Ever been in the middle of a messy job and your phone starts ringing? Next thing you’re dashing around like a headless chicken looking for a spare rag. Never again with The Sock-It, our specially designed workshop shorts featuring our exclusive and patent pending Rub-It-Out built-in hand wiping sock. Being a comfortable and tastefully understated work short, The Sock-It is going to be a favourite for many car fanatics who are serious about tinkering in their sheds. Once you get your hands on The Sock It, you’ll never look back.

  • Convenient built-in hand wiping sock made from deep shagpile that’s ideal for trapping dirt and gunk.
  • Available in two sizes (Stubby and Big Hands), to best fit your hand size and how dirty the job is.
  • The wiping sock has a firm feel, giving enough resistance for one-handed cleaning when required and also ensuring it's prominently available whenever you need it.
  • Super-plush Drop Bear fur side and rear panels for supreme comfort. They’re also very useful for hands-free buffing, as well as providing added scratch protection when leaning against your vehicle.
  • Micro-soft edges and hidden seams with no exposed stitching, to ensure there’s nothing that can scratch you or your vehicle. 
  • Machine washable with our Microfibre Wash, for years of detailing pleasure.
  • Proudly designed and hand-crafted in Australia.
  • ­­­NOTE – Although it may fit, we don’t recommend non-professionals use the sock for cleaning the inside of your exhaust tips or wheels, this requires more in depth training to achieve safely.


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